Northgate Christian Fellowship | 2nd - 5th Grade


Welcome to The Cave!
Each week kids enter our elementary classroom for 2nd & 3rd graders– the CAVE – to be greeted by our warm and friendly team of leaders. The sounds of energetic, worshipful music can be heard as children learn to worship God. They hear Bible lessons presented in such an interactive, creative way that they are able to apply the truths learned to real life. Our classroom environments emphasize character development and spiritual growth.
Story Time
Kids sense the love of God from their team of dedicated leaders, who are committed to serving Christ by leading kids. The children learn a Bible story and a memory verse each month that emphasize the theme and focus of the lesson. They also have small group time – called Shepherd Groups – where a Shepherd leader reinforces the lesson and talks about how they can apply it to their lives.

Our lessons are developed to teach biblical truths about character, values and the church. Each week, children take home a HomeFront Weekly which is the coming week's lesson, and lists ways you can share the lesson with your child before they come on Sunday. The HomeFront also has a few fun activities for you and your child to experience and live out what they are learning. Therefore, on Sundays, we get to reinforce the story that you have already started sharing with your child!
Fellowship Time
At the beginning of the service hour, the children play a game or activity that reinforces the lesson and is a fun time of group connection. The children also engage in a fun, interactive worship time where they sing songs about Jesus’ love for us.
Bless Them
Just before we release the children, we gather together to give a blessing on them and their coming week. This is a time of prayer, encouragement and connection. Parents are welcome to come for the last part of service and be a part of blessing your child!
Check-Out Process
To retrieve a child from our classrooms, you will be required to provide the identification label that you were given when checking in the child. This is for the safety of our children and their families.