Unleashing Compassion

God's heart is for every Christ follower to live a life of generosity. As we engage and grow
in generosity, we partner with Him to advance His kingdom here on earth.


Priority giving is significant because it reveals our true values.

The Benefits of Priority giving:

  • It’s a tangible reminder to put God first in my life.
  • It leads me toward greater dependence on God.
  • It is an investment in eternity as it furthers God’s work in this world.
Imagine If...

If we each made giving a priority in our finances:

  • We could strengthen the ministries of our church.
  • We could increase our outreach events in the community.
  • We could widen our missions support around the world.
  • We could help more people in need through our benevolence fund.
  • It could unleash a spirit of generosity that could permeate our church and our community.

Planned giving is significant because it requires financial discipline.

The Benefits of Planned giving:

  • It compels me to manage and budget my finances better.
  • It trains me to be generous like my generous God.
  • It trains me toward generosity like my generous God.
Imagine If...

If we were all planned in our giving...

  • We could become known as a generous and caring church.
  • We could help support other ministries in our communities.
  • We could have the reserves to respond to national and international emergencies.
  • We could better fulfill our mission to reach unchurched people.
  • We could truly expand the Kingdom of God.

Proportional giving is significant because everyone can do it, whether your income is $10 or $10,000.

The Benefits of Proportional giving:

  • It helps loosen the grip of materialism and selfishness.
  • As an act of Gratitude it reminds us how faithful and generous God has been.
  • It grows my faith and confidence in God’s care and provision.
Imagine If...

If every American church member gave 10% it would release $168 billion to do God's work:

  • $65 billion could eliminate extreme poverty worldwide
  • $6 billion could provide universal primary education for children
  • $9 billion could provide clean water for most of the world's poor.
  • What if American Christians ended world hunger? Provided basic healthcare and education for children? Saved the lives of the 26,000 children that die daily?
Giving // How To

Easy Ways to Give Online

Jesus talked more about money than He did about prayer, heaven or hell. Why? Because He said, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Giving is an act of worship - a tangible response to the incredible generosity of God. We give with grateful hearts in recognition that God owns everything, and we are simply to be faithful stewards of all He entrusts to us.

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Via Web

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The Northgate App is available for both Apple iOS and Android platforms…get it for free!

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Send Us a Text

For a quick and simple way to give, text the word "Give" to (707) 786-6141

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Amazon Smile

Use Amazon Smile when making a purchase and Northgate will get a small portion as a donation.

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Donate Stocks

When you donate appreciated stock, non-profits keep 100%, and you receive the full market value deduction.


Offline Giving

More ways to give with convenience that works for you.


Using US Postal Service

When sending your gifts via US Mail, the money will be applied to the general fund unless otherwise noted in the check/money order memo field. Please do not send cash.

Please send your check/money order to:
Attn: Finance Dept
2201 Lake Herman Road
Benicia, CA 94510

For questions, please contact Carol Abreu at (707) 747-5855 or carol@ngate.org

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