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Rooted connects you to God, the Church, and your purpose. It's a facilitated small group experience where questions and doubts are welcome.


Rooted is more than a small group or Bible study. It is a 11-week experience that acts as the catalyst for life change. Meaningful conversations are initiated around the table and are designed to help you find yourself in God’s story. Your experience will focus on community, service and generosity! No matter where you stand in your relationship with Jesus at the beginning of Rooted, there is always room to move forward. For some, this may be the first time to follow Jesus and others a time to move into a deeper faith. After 10 weeks, all Rooted groups will join together celebrate the journey you just experienced together.


Registration is easy! Rooted is currently being offered in-person and costs $45! Once registered and choosing which night preferred, our Director of Group Life will follow up with you!

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Rooted is a facilitated group experience where questions and doubts are welcome.

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Here are some common questions that we are asked regarding Rooted.

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