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About Next

We consider reaching people who do not know God personally to be one of our greatest privileges and responsibilities.

When investing your heart, time, family, & resources in a church, it is important for us to be transparent about who, what, where, when & why we do what we do.

Week One

Pursuing God

If is by our confession and repentance from sin, and our faith in Jesus Christ, that we are made right with God and given new life. God transforms the heart and life of a believer at conversion and continues to grow us in faith and obedience to His word.

Week Two

Building Community

The church is the body of Christ, of which each believer is an integral part. It is God's purpose for all believers to be united in fellowship with other believers for their own spiritual growth and the spiritual growth of others.

Week Three

Unleashing Compassion

God's very nature is the give and the more we become like Jesus the more generous we become. God's heart if for every Christ follower to life a life of generosity. As we engage and grow in generosity, we partner with Him to advance His kingdom here on earth.

Week Four

Discover Your Purpose

Discovering your purpose is done by discerning God’s calling for you & embracing a new life of purposeful, God driven choices, actions, and words.

Become a Member

After completing Next, you have the opportunity to be come a church member.


Membership at Northgate is open to any and all who have entered into a personal relationship with God, through faith in Jesus Christ. Our members are invited to our membership meetings to receive updates and decisions being made for our community, voting rights, and exclusive email content. As you learn what it looks like to follow Jesus here at Northgate, our hope is that its in a way that uniquely fits your life, gifts, and faith.

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Northgate is a non-denominational church located in beautiful Benicia, CA. Our staff and volunteers can't wait to meet and pray with you.

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