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Starting Point begins on February 7th!

What is Starting Point?

Starting Point is a four week Sunday series where we talk about Pursuing God, Building Community, Unleashing Compassion, and Discovering Your Purpose through Jesus in a way that uniquely fits your life, gifts, and faith.

It's where we start at Northgate!

Want to know about Change Maker teams, Community Groups, Membership, and what Northgate is all about? Starting Point is where it's at!

At the end of the four week series you have the opportunity to become a member at Northgate. Membership is free and there are no commitments, it's simply a raised hand that declares Northgate as your home Church.

Worried about missing a week? DON'T WORRY! Starting Point continues week after week, so if you miss a week you can finish out the series and take that week when it rolls around again. For example, you attend week 1 and week 2. Then you miss week 3. You can continue and attend week 4, then when week 3 rolls around again, jump back in for week 3! Then voila!!

You can sign up for Starting Point by clicking HERE.

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Northgate is a non-denominational church located in beautiful Benicia, CA. Our staff and volunteers can't wait to meet and pray with you.

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