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    What Makes You Happy
    Everyone wants to be happy. But what makes us happy? And why is happiness easy to find, but hard to keep?
    Ken Jensen,April,2017
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    Soul Keeping
    In this series we'll help you rediscover your soul and help you find your way out of the spiritual shallow-lands to true divine depth.
    Ken Jensen,March,April,2017
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    This last book of the Bible identifies itself as "the revelation of Jesus Christ", and its author is designated "his servant John".
    Larry Davis,Jesse Peterson,February,2017
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    Vital Signs
    Just as there are vital signs to assess the state of one's physical health there are vital signs for assessing spiritual health as well.
    Ken Jensen,January,February,2017
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    When God Speaks
    God is constantly speaking, calling us to new steps of faith, obedience and trust. He always leaves the response up to us.
    Ken Jensen,December,2016
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    Person of Influence
    Follow this series and discover an important message that includes drawing a distinction between Belief and Behavior.
    Larry Davis,Tom Eggum,November,2016
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    ABC's of Financial Freedom
    Get Out From Under The Burden & Bondage of Debt by following these ABC steps. Don't miss out on this series.
    Ken Jensen,September,October,November,2016
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    This Invitational Life
    At some time in your life, someone invited you into a life with God, and that invitation has made all the difference.
    Ken Jensen,Larry Davis,Steve Carter,August,September,2016
  • Sermon Series: Chasing Daylight
    Chasing Daylight
    Humorous & deeply personal illustrations of how many of us deal with periods where we question where God is in all of our struggles.
    Larry Davis,Chris Simning,July,2016
  • Sermon Series: Fixer Upper
    Fixer Upper
    The church is NOT a building. It is NOT programs. It is NOT traditions and rituals. The church is people. WE are the church!
    Ken Jensen,Larry Davis,June,July,2016
  • Sermon Series: Love Rules
    Love Rules
    In the Love Rules series we dive into the nature of true Christian love, the extent of Jesus’s own expressions of that love.
    Ken Jensen,April,May,2016
  • Sermon Series: Stuck
    Our Stuck discusses how to deal with the skeletons in the closet, cleaning out the closet, and living with the door open.
    Larry Davis,April,2016
  • Sermon Series: Elevate
    We look at practical and biblical ways to elevate our lives in our careers, our relationships, our faith and our finances.
    Ken Jensen,February,March,2016
  • Sermon Series: Margin
    We live in a culture pushing the limits, running on overload, and we pay the price for it. In this New Year, let's discover the Margin.
    Ken Jensen,Larry Davis,January,2016