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Hi friends, this is Pastor Ken with an update on our missions partner hope for kids international item ministry just been very close to my heart for years and I actually now serve on the board of directors those of you who are unfamiliar hope for kids exist to help children and families break the cycle of extreme poverty by providing education clean water and feeding programs and tangible extending the transform message of Christ's love and grace it's actually the first missions organization that Northgate partnered with and we been supporting for 30 years now You've sponsored kids with monthly support and you participate in our annual walk for water so if you have some dresses for a dress or girl program and some of even travel with us on short term mission trips like everyone else hope for kitchen space some significant challenges this year due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic but God is continue to bless and use this as revert had a pivot which seems to be the word of the year and we're actually ending 2020 on the strong position to be able to continue and even expand our existing programs around the world one challenge we face because of COVID-19 was the cancellation of all of our walk for water events which are actually for the 23 wells last year but on May 30 we are able to put together a very first walk in alone together I was a virtual walk for water that actually funded six wells and then an additional three walls were funded through another Orange County virtual walk for water in October With additional sponsorships a total of 61 Wells have been funded this year and 51 of them have already been drilled of course all of our short term mission trips after February were also canceled I know this was personally disappointed the 12 of us from Northgate who are scheduled to go to Uganda back in July but it also had an impact on the ministry overall see typically mission trip participants become child sponsors and some return home inspired to raise funds to help drill wells after they seen the impact of the safe clean water well has an entire village by the way Virtual mission trips are available on the hook for kids at international website if you'd like to get a sample of a typical trip maybe you'll join us hopefully next year when the biggest there is an impacted by Covid with the child sponsorship since April we've lost 99 sponsors not over due to Covid but many were because of job loss or job furloughs and when we lose the sponsor hope for kids doesn't drop a child from the program we continue to support a child until a replacement sponsor can be found so I specially want to thank those of you who sponsor children through hope for kids and encourage you to consider sponsorship if you haven't done it yet Child sponsorship provide school uniforms and educational materials as well as food mosquito nets and basic healthcare and of course your schools are closed here they've also close another countries as well so hope for kids is done it's best to help kids keep up with their studies in Uganda and can you for example we did this by providing solar powered radios for audio instruction and scholastic materials that have been approved by the government in the Philippines were able to provide MiFi and tablets for the kids to participate in online classes that are offered with also help provide teachers and tutors for some of the students were that was possible Early on in this Covid epidemic up for kids establish the crisis relief fund which weighs over $200,000 for disaster relief and that enable us to provide food and need materials for our ministry partners in every country that we serve 2020 has certainly been a challenging year for help for kids but God is showing himself once again to be greater than any challenge we face is actually use them to stretch us and grow the ministry wanna things were really excited about is the expansion of the hope for kids campus community center in Toronto Uganda the new headquarters building is been completed in our new vocational school is now being expanded and plans are being made to add a much-needed medical clinical to the campus in 2021 Shop as we head into this new year please pray for the continued sponsors and donors during this difficult time so that we can continue to provide aid now when it's needed months and please pray for our international team members in Uganda in ministry partners around the world what COVID-19 has impacted us here in the states it is nothing compared to how it impacts those in marginalize countries our international team members of actually told us they're not afraid of dying from Covid as they are by starving from the impact it had on jobs and communities around them So if you want to find out more about hope for kids art programs are the sponsor a child check out our website it's WWW hopeforkids there's also a link on the friends and partners a page on Northgate website I'll be at the Tom egg them and the Ministry of hope for kids I want to thank you Northgate family for your prayers and for your continued support thank you so very very much.

San Francisco adult teen challenge is a mission that helps man and the mission statement is just explain by our in-house director Steven asked Mrs. are here with us thank you Pastor Kenny yes San Francisco adult and teen challenge It's a ministry that holistically and powers men women and children ours is a man's campus to find a holistic freedom from life controlling issues we've always gone out and done outings to churches choir outings share a testimony to make and share with God's been doing in their life through teen challenge and so we have been able to do that since March and that has affected us but thank God we've been able to do our work calls which is when we take the mint out in the world that has also been impacted because a lot of construction crews there are people that would normally hire us they have been shut down for Covid So we've again been able to do some jobs that that we typically have it done in the past with construction the trip of the transformation that Christ does is not dependent on whether there is a pandemic or not it depends on the Holy Spirit he's been present so the work of Christ through teen challenge is continuing we're happy to be able to say that and be a part of the biggest things that are Northgate family can be praying for for us as a community Is I think resource and relationship and the continual just move of God within the ministry ultimately teen challenge is created to bring people and draw them to the creator and so what we want over anything else for me that the individuals in our program to understand their identity that and then also yeah resource it does take money to move ministry I still cost roughly $2000 per student to house them and help a quick and train them to be to transition from home Consumers him and then re-integrate them back into society is contributors what I would ask anybody is what Jesus said and this is going to the king James maybe the offer is king James but he said the kingdom of God is violently advancing knows he'll take it take it while I think teen challenge is one of those kind of ministries it's it's right on the front lines and were violently taking rescue me in from out of life for them to destroy themselves basically by their choices and just basically violently pulling them out of that lifestyle and redirected him help the messaging already said and so your prayer to Protect the workers protect the staff protector of you know the Lord's protection over because of the enemy comes in he really tries to mess with us and so your prayer for us and then also for the man for the life-changing power of Christ is revolutionize them for the future in San Francisco adult teen challenge the basic ministry never changes or about rescuing men changing lives We're sitting in a room that used to be an office and we would like to remodel this room and make it a part of helping to raise funds by either renting it out as an apartment or a Airbnb we also are going to put a greenhouse up on the roof and chrome micro greens that we can sell the restaurants that are vision that we liked it Continue to look into that as far as raising funds we're excited to see that as guys complete right families they get restored we get Mann a complete and they get plugged into church is such as Northgate and other local churches and we see them be active members and in the local body San Francisco adult teen challenge has been going in operation in San Francisco since 1964 and each group of people each generation has taken their turn to keep the ministry going we just want to say thank you to everybody who is pray Given and everybody who continues to participate in so just a huge thank you for all the good things that you participate and help San Francisco adult teen challenge keep the doors open.

Oh hey Northgate my name is Christian Hong and I'm the executive director of city team San Francisco which is a ministry that you support monthly I want to thank you so much for your faithfulness in your giving and supporting our ministry since Covid we've had to adopt a few things but overall I would say that it's been a very positive thing in our ministry to be able to respond to some of the needs in the city obviously we can't gather people within our building and so what we've had to do just pivot and and launch our ministry called city team in the neighborhood and we do mobile pop-up and pantries We do hot meal distribution from a food truck will you pop of clothing closet and what is really force us to do is get out of our building find different needs throughout the city go to different neighborhoods and in show up and be a faithful presence and then meet peoples tangible needs one of the biggest things that you could be praying for us it is for spa protection for our staff And our volunteers in our interns because we don't really have a second line of defense for our staff there's very few of us in so I don't want anyone to get sick and then delay in the incredible ministry that's going on is just pray protection over us and then also for provision we have we have a couple of big projects that were going to be tackling in the next year and we just need God's provision for the ministry so what are the things were most excited about for 2021 obviously first thing is we're just gonna be scaling what we've been doing with city team in the neighborhood I'm in so we are very excited about taking this out reach to different neighborhoods bringing on boarding some new neighborhoods and showing up for more people so scaling ministry but secondly direction gonna be doing a building relocation so you can be praying for that and but it is something we're very excited about exploring this new space and building it out and just increasing the ministry I want to thank you personally for your generosity Two you're giving it to your open-heart many people are blessed thank you.

Oh hi Northgate we are wishing you a happy Thanksgiving off from where we live and work Just want to say thank you so much for having you partner with us in our ministry we cannot do what we do here without your support and I'm so grateful for you as a church as a church partner is my best financially after prayer and also so many individuals in the church that also care of and connect with us and want to hear how are you doing are you guys and we are End of November of last year we move you move to the In January I started Do you enjoy our community who are really molding and encouraging language development there are 74 languages in a country where we work that's a lot of languages to suddenly be able to disseminate information about health crisis despite the pool on lockdown we were still able to make some pretty good relationships in the chalk meter I need to work in a village where there is already one job And we really hope that this will be the very good place to start Are you excited about the direction we are going because that it has already been open so many doors and going to do other small events to any community which will be helpful for your physical management and I Relationships and best night Please pray with We are excited about this new program and we are hoping that we can start the first round of classes early in the new year but we're hoping to start classes in conjunction with Community run that would help to fund the program That would allow it to be long-term sustainable instead of having to write new international grants every couple of years but it also is not an easy thing to figure out how to make work so please pray when is it somehow in someway that will actually work program can be sustainable within the community locally driven And be Also we would love prayers for more open doors in it More relationships and just become more a part of the heart of the chart we want to create a space where people can feel safe sharing their deepest knees and I'm helping to figure out how to meet there Are the fire and that's how I want to be serving the talk and we appreciate your prayers with us that will be able to accomplish that.

Hi I am on money and this is Aniston where are you at missionaries to Tanzania we're leaving we live in the Doris loan Siri is the largest city in East Africa we have been there ministering for nine years unfortunately Do you to the poor healthcare and political crash in the hospitals in our area and became overwhelmed as has happened and so many other places around the world and as a result of night Kenya and South Africa which is where most people from Tanzania we normally close our Borders as well on the American Embassy shut down and so am I After time by We requested visitors visa extension for him so we're here I'm so excited because even if I'm here but I'm still laying some members from my discovery A study groups and I praise God because he give me an opportunity to teach another new man and those men I'm just happy for them because they moved it from being on the heroes of the word and I'll be at tours of the word and they are lives Does live closely now and they have even started sharing the word of God Yeah there's about 30 unreached people groups and were currently partnered with a mission to school that has graduates graduating every year and so if you could just pray that the students in that mission school will be moved Also pray that God would protect and strengthen any financial provide for those people who are currently ministering to their amongst unreached to the news Are the partnership that we've had with Northgate San Francisco campus Sorry San Francisco campus over the years Our ministry has been partially made possible because of the gifts that you guys are giving us the prayers Are you spent investing in our lives out there and we are so appreciative of that and we've learned from personal experience in the mission And I just want you to know that God is with you and we're so grateful for the way God works in our life Houston in the present through this. Grateful for you guys thank you so much for all that you've done to partner with us we love you we love you bye Northgate.

Hey Northgate it's Matt Robertson here from agape international missions you may remember that as an organization we are focused on fighting and eliminating the evil of human trafficking primarily based in Cambodia this year we have seen an impact from Covid we did see obviously our financial impact and having to cancel events but God is continue to provide we had individual step up and provide for the ministry and help fill the gap of what would've been missing from those events and so we've been able to carry-on our ministry in Cambodia we haven't had to let a single staff person go as Covid hit in the country close down its borders tourism came to a screeching halt and so families without jobs that would've relied on the tourism industry families without jobs or without money without money to Couldn't buy food and so we were able to intervene we were able to provide over 100,000 tons of food for over 5000 people working through our partnerships and the government working with local farmers to buy rice and eggs and other types of violent other types of basic supplies that that families need it even though Covid slow down tourism in Cambodia he didn't slow down trafficking trafficking is at an all-time high in Cambodia and so traffickers knowing that we're going to families and offering to buy children in place of providing food we were able to intervene our staff on the ground seeing what was going on said no we will help you we will help provide food for your families don't sell your truck your children and so we were able to help intervene and prevent children from being trafficked Your support Northgate helps provide that kind of ministry helps prevent children from being traffic but like I said trafficking is still happening girls are still being sold into trafficking so our swat team is been busier than ever investigating and rescuing girls out of trafficking were in the process right now of opening a new transitional home for older girls and so will be able to move some girls out of our current restoration home into this transitional home or they can begin to re-integrate into society they can have jobs and begin to start that move into a normal productive life and so were partnering with you guys Larry wanted me to give a shout out that you can text right now Northgate the 44321 to help rescue girls out of sex trafficking every thousand dollars rescues a girl so we're so excited about our partnership with you guys about what you guys are going to do in helping us rescue more girls and together we're going to see more lives transform even though Covid has accelerated trafficking the church is still on the move aim is still on the move we're still out there rescuing and seeing wives transformed through the gospel and you can continue to pray for ministry pray for our teams that are on the front lines of this fight against trafficking in Cambodia and also pray as we get ready to expand into the country of police in January our team is going to be going in continuing conversations that have been going on we're gonna be opening a new restoration home very soon and will Lease for girls that either can get out or have gotten out of trafficking but just need a safe place so appreciate your prayers for our ongoing work in Cambodia and our new work that's going to be opening up in Belize thank you guys.


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