Northgate Christian Fellowship | Women's Conference - Together


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Megan Fate Marshman has devoted her life to loving and listening to God and overflowing His love to others. She is driven to inspire, equip and support others in experiencing spiritual formation for a lifetime faith. Currently, Megan is the Director of Women’s Ministries at Hume Lake Christian Camps and Associate Dean of She co-wrote the book 7 Family Ministry Essentials with Dr. Michelle Anthony and served as the Director of Student Resources and Events for David C Cook as she led a team in creating TruIdentity: a spiritually forming, Christ centered and family empowered youth ministry curriculum line.

Megan lives in Long Beach, California with her husband, Randy, and son, Foster.

To learn more about Megan, visit her website at:
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February 3 & 4, 2017
Lunch Provided