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Are you new to Northgate or want to know more about us?
Engage at Northgate is the experience you’re looking for!

Over four weeks, you will hear about our history, our beliefs, and the next steps you can take in your journey with Northgate. When investing your heart, time, family, and resources into a church, knowing who we are and why we do what we do is essential.

Come as you are because all are welcome here!

Week One

Be Present

Throughout the Bible, God encourages us to Be Present with Him. God delights in having a personal relationship with each person who seeks Him. During His time on Earth, Jesus taught us the rhythms of life that help us be aware of God’s presence so that we can have that personal relationship.

Week One of Engage will cover ways the Bible teaches us to Be Present with God. The lesson doesn’t end on Sunday! Throughout the week, you can revisit what we discuss and find encouragement to help you as you settle into new rhythms of Being Present with God in your journal.

Week Two

Represent in Community

Find out why community is important to God! From the very beginning, He created us to be a community. Week Two of Engage will show you what community at Northgate is like and how you can be involved.

There are several ways to connect with others. Don’t worry about navigating this alone—we are here to help!

Week Three

Represent by Serving

Jesus has a servant’s heart, and if we are going to Represent Him, we need to follow His example. God has blessed each person with gifts and has called us to help those around us. Discover your gifts and the impact we can have when we work together toward the mission He gave us.

Week Three of Engage is all about helping you learn what your gifts are and ways you can use those gifts to help others.

Week Four

Re-Present Through Generosity

One of the values we believe in is Generous Living. When we live generously, it comes from the heart and flows into every aspect of daily life. By combining our resources, time, and talents, we can impact our community and world in ways we never imagined! Being generous is an opportunity to Re-Present Jesus.

In Week Four of Engage, learn more about living a life of generosity that reflects Jesus and our unique way of encouraging you to think about your giving.

Northgate is a non-denominational church located in beautiful Benicia, CA. Our staff and volunteers can't wait to meet and pray with you.

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