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Northgate cultivates a strong global philanthropic presence. We work with a variety of nonprofit organizations to further the mission of Jesus and bring faith, hope, and love around the world!

Hope 4 Kids International - Worldwide

For over 40 years, Hope 4 Kids has been committed to serving children living in impoverished environments around the world by establishing economic, spiritual, water, educational, and feeding programs. In addition to these programs, they have been leading teams of volunteers on two-week international mission trips bringing life-saving provisions and the spirit of Jesus.

Agape International Missions (AIM) - Cambodia, Thailand

After learning about the issue of sex trafficking in Cambodia in 2005, Don and Bridget Brewster sold their home, Don gave up his position as Executive Pastor of Adventure Christian Church in Roseville, CA, and they moved to Cambodia to lead Agape International Missions (AIM).

Children in the Sun - Romania

Globally evangelizes children by demonstrating the love of Jesus and to carry out the great commission by teaching biblical principles in all programs they support.

Amani & Jerianne Ruhasha - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Amani and Jerianne’s ministry includes one-on-one and small-group discipleship. Amani heads up this discipleship making movement and travels the country holding conferences in local churches to teach this ministry to others. He also teaches in the mission school in his own city. Jerianne trains teachers of preschoolers as well.

Rodney & Coral Huson - Campanha, Brazil

Rodney and Coral are third-generation missionaries sent by Bethel to Brazil. They are evangelizing and preaching to the lost; training nationals to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ. They are helping the poor by providing for their physical needs and inviting them to follow Christ.

Nabil & Mimi Khoury - Beirut, Lebanon

The Khoury's ministry involves teaching and training leaders for the Arab world, as well as discipleship. They teach at the Christian Alliance Institute of Theology (CAIT) and serve through the local church in Lebanon.

Nathan & Karen Rasmussen - Kigoma, Tanzania

Nathan & Karen work to motivate the African church through mission seminars, schools, and development projects to see the unreached people groups reached for Christ. They are also focused in Bible School training, church planting and refugee work.

Missions Training School - East & Central Africa

Directed by our missionary, Nathan Rasmussen, many trainings are held all around East & Central Africa for the purpose of the students being sent out after they graduate to reach their own people.

Bill & Blanca Valley Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico

The Valleys are ministering in this very tough region of Mexico where drug related violence is extremely high. Bill is passionate about sharing the gospel and disciple-making. He is currently working on starting an FM radio station while preaching and teaching the Word regularly.

Kevin & Santa Reece - Tanga, Tanzania

Kevin and Santa are serving among an unreached people group in Tanzania. They use education development as an access ministry to meet the need for better education and building relationships in the community. They run an education centre where they have adult literacy classes, a kindergarten and a satellite first grade class as a partnership with the government primary school. Their team of Tanzanian teachers have been trained in missions and/or facilitating home Bible studies for the gospel outreach component of our ministry.

Mission Aviation Fellowship - Nampa, Idaho

MAF serves people who deal with challenges due to isolation in regions such as Asia, Africa Eurasia and Latin America. They support and enable evangelism & church nurture, medical assistance, disaster response, community and development training. Paul manages Aviation Services and gives support for all aircraft. Barb is the Furlough Coordinator who helps assist all MAF supported families.

Wycliffe Translators - A & S

This family works in a Muslim country in South Asia, working with the largest language community in the country. They have recently started adult literacy classes for the uneducated labor class in this language community and are also working on translating Scripture resources (both audio and print) into this language to share the Gospel with this very unreached population. If you would like to support A & S, click the button below and reference their ID number '273900'.

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